Why To Have Plants In Your Home Aquarium?

Are you someone who has always dreamt of having a big size aquarium in your dream nest? Aquariums are indeed a beauty to look at and sure-shot attention-grabber. Having an aquarium in home or office reportedly reduces stress and anxiety as well.

If you are planning to set up an aquarium you need to know that fish and water may be a vital part of an aquarium but so are the plants you put inside them. Here are some reasons as to why you should have plants in your home aquarium.

  • Beautification

Adding plants to your aquarium will enhance the beauty of it. They make the aquarium look brighter and give a contrasting color and an underwater kind of vibe when you look at it. It looks super lush and beautiful and is a visual treat. Bucephalandra Buce Australia, for example is a tiny and colorful aquarium plant which is favorite amongst the aquarists for a rare aquarium plant. In spite of being a rare plant it is pretty easy to grow.

  • Produces Oxygen, Absorbs Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia

Not just beauty these plants create a natural mini eco system within the aquarium. They provide the aquarium with the oxygen it needs and absorbs the carbon dioxide and the ammonia that your fish generates. It keeps your fishes in the most natural and beneficial ways.

  •  Natural Environment

One of the best bits of having plants in aquarium is that these help to create a sea-like natural (apparently) green habitat for fishes inside the aquarium to make them feel at-home. The plants help to enhance the environment and make the appearance feel much more natural for the fishes. It benefits the fish’s health. It also helps them to feel comfortable while breeding.

  •  Remove Algae

Plants compete with algae for nutrients hence will adding them to your aquarium will keep your aquarium algae-free.

  • Aeration of water

Aquatic plants in the aquarium are considered very beneficial because they provide several benefits such as oxygenating the water. They handle operations such as photosynthesis and release oxygen into the water. They also consume the carbon dioxide exhaled by the fishes. The survival period of fishes is also increased, and it also raises the virility. Plants release carbon dioxide at night, but it does not give any harm to the fishes.

  • Constructs natural habitat 

Some fishes in the tank are taken from the freshwater. Their habitat consists of aquatic plants. By opting the aquatic plants for your Aquarium, you can give a massive benefit to the fishes. The plants should be brought according to the best suitable for your fishes. The fishes will have better growth and a clean environment.

  • Provides sanctuary for fishes

The behaviour of fishes usually depends upon the breed of the fish. Some fishes are aggressive, while some fishes are very polite. These aquatic plants provide several protections to the fishes and give them space to hiding. Plants offer them a place for laying the eggs and helps in delivering better breeding. The species such as fish desires to lay their eggs among the safe environment on the leaves of the plant.

  • Provides substrate security

Aquatic plants have very different root system as compare to healthy plants. Some plants attach themselves to the rocks. This is not beneficial to a substrate, but it will create a natural look in the aquarium.

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.