What Makes A Good Hearing Aids

What are hearing aids?

They are small electronic devices that are used to amplifies and increase sounds and also to transmit sound from the device to the ear. A hearing aid has the basic parts- the microphone, amplifier, and speaker. Sound waves are received through the microphone, they are amplified through the amplifier, and then they are transmitted to the inner ear through the speaker.

Why do you need hearing aids?

Hearing lose can occur due to many reasons like- old age, sensory loss, injury from noise and many other things. If your inner ear is damaged then you will not be able to convert the neural signals to electric signals in the nerves and a stimulus will not be able to be sent to the brain.

Different types of hearing aids

There are three basic types of hearing aids that are present.

  1. Behind the Ear (BTE)

The BTE hearing aid is a type of hearing aid that is made up of a hard plastic case around the outer ear to fit it. They are used by people of all ages who have both mild and profound hearing loss.

  1. In the ear

They are used in cases of mild to severe hearing loss. They are designed to fit inside the outer ear and hold some electric component like a coil to receive the sound through the hearing aid.

  1. Canal

This type of hearing aid is available in two types-

‘In the canal’ and ‘completely in the canal’.

Both designs are used for mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing aids are very small and are very hard to remove. They are recommended for young children.

Hearing hero reviews stated many different brands of hearing aids that have been in place all the time. Although they work with the dame principle, some hearing aids are more compatible with some types of mobile handsets, while other are suitable with other. You will need to look for your compatibility.

Written by Jack
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