What Is The Process Of Refurbished Iphones And Other Electronics?

Refurbishment refers to the process of distributing electronic items such as phones, etc. that have been returned by their previous owners to the seller or producer due to some reasons. Refurbished iPhones are quite popular among the customers because they get the quality of the original brand new iphone at a much lower price. The manufacturer tests these returned iPhones for any hassle or faults. All the defects are rectified and then repacked and sold to new customers. The most significant factor that drives people to buy these refurbished iPhones is the price on which they are offered by apple’s refurbished store.

Steps included in the process of the refurbishment

  • Quality check of the product

When the returned product arrives in the company for renovation, the first step is to inspect the phones externally. They evaluate the cost of refurbishment of each phone and are graded according to their condition. There are four levels of grades, namely, A, B, C, D. Phones of D or C grade are sold in large quantities in the areas where earnings of people are low.

  • Erasing data and battery check

The next step is to remove the data of the phones which are used previously. There may be some personal data of the previous user, so it is essential to clear all the data before refurbishing the phone. Refurbisher formats the phone through a special software so that there will be no data remaining in the refurbished phone.

  • Checking the phone and repairing it

Once all the data is erased, the functioning of the phone is checked precisely, including touch screen, home button, headphone jack, etc. All the areas with any kind of problems are replaced or repaired if possible. Various tools and machines are used to examine the phone and rectify all the errors.

Written by Jack
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