What Is The History Of Special Education?

Special education is an education which provides learning of exceptional needs to students. Here exceptional needs are the disabilities and mental challenges of a student. Special education begins in the 18th century. In the ancient time, people with minor disabilities were not acceptable. The people with disability were mistaken by other as cursed, stupid and occupying evil powers.

The idea of educational started arise from the 18th century. The special education was created for securing public education. Special education provides education to students who are dyslexic.

Special educations are also called as aided education and exceptional education. This kind of education helps in addressing the needs of student. Special education is provided all over the world. There is an act established by government which is (IDEA) individuals and disabilities education act.

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What is the main purpose of special education?

To maintain environmental conditions, special education is organized in schools for conducting growth and learning. The main purpose of providing special education is to allow the special children to educate effectively. Here, disabilities such as deafness, blindness, mental disabilities and physical disabilities etc. the special education depend on the needs of the student. This study involves physical assistive learning devices, therapy, counseling and psychotherapy.

For requiring special education, a special child is diagnosed for having disability for requiring special service. There are special schools which provide special education to students and work on those students. They meet with the unique needs of child’s disability at no cost.

Last prologue,

It is a very complicated topic for the funding of special education. The possible related services are listed by special education law. It helps special education teachers to interact with parents and administrators.

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