Want To Improve Your Basketball Skills In A Week, Here Are 5 Drills You Should Follow

Basketball is a fun and demanding game, love and played across nations. So, if one has an important game coming up in a week or so and he is fanatically searching for some light drills to improve his game within the time duration.

Five Drills Which Will Help You In Improving your Basketball Skills

  1. Jump Stop Drill – Tag a friend along and provide him with a whistle while you stand at the baseline. Ask him to blow his whistle at random, when the first whistle sounds run towards either side, on second whistle perform either back pivot or back pivot move (on each leg), doing this drill multiple times will improve your footwork.

  1. Ball-handling drill – This drill will improve one’s dribble, first set a chair about 20/22 feet away from the basket and then start approaching it from the basket while dribbling. Make sure that you reach the chair in within 3 hard dribbles.
  2. Pair passing drill – Two players should stand at about 8/10 feet apart and pass the ball back and forth between each other while making some minor sidestepping, forward stepping and back stepping movements.
  3. Single hand shooting drill – Stand 3 to 5 feet from the basket, get a good standing posture, make a L-shape with your hand and shoot the ball towards the basket. Try to throw the ball by pushing with your fingers.
  4. Surrounded Man Drill – The prime focus of this drill is to develop agility and deception in a player. One should start dribbling from the baseline, being surrounded by two defenders, preferably one on front and one following on the diagonal. They would try to snatch the ball away and the player should act deceptive and agile enough in order to score a goal.

These basic techniques are to be practiced rigorously by a player for a week after all, practice makes a man perfect. On a side note, if you are feeling too stresses about the upcoming game visit situs togel online to get a much needed relief.

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.