Theories behind the Dripping of the Value of the Bitcoin

What are the uses of Bitcoin Accessories?

A highly secure software program developed specially to store the Bitcoins one purchases online. The Bitcoin Wallet, in literal terms, is not stored anywhere the users of the program are assisted with a key in the form of a sequence of numbers that helps them to get to an address that has the balance. Such programs like other e-wallets that one uses to ease the sending and receiving of Bitcoins. The key highlight of this program is that it is conveniently available over the user’s desktop, tablet and even the phone. One must pay attention to the analogy that as Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital copy of cash) similarly the Bitcoin wallet is the equivalent of a physical wallet and thus, should be handled equally carefully.

Why did the value of the Bitcoin Drip So Fast?

Recent studies on the Bitcoin calculator have shown that it tripled its value in three months climbing up to over USD 12,500. But then showed a deep decline to less than USD 3,300 last year in December itself. Many Bitcoin geeks came up with theories that explained why the value of the Bitcoin fell so fast and so low. With the help of this article, we bring to you some of these theories that will make you understand the real reason behind the fall.

1.Cryptocurrency Going Mainstream

2.A way to Diversify Portfolios through Bitcoin

3.Central Banks inciting Bitcoin Demand

4.A cut in the Supply of Bitcoin in the coming year

  1. Early investors of Bitcoin may be colluding to raise the prices

Thus, from the discussion above we may conclude that rising mainstream interest, followed by varied geopolitical tensions, and an expansionary monetary policy could be some major reasons. However, a supply cut next year, and tug between bitcoin mammoths may also be the reason for the rise.



Written by Jack
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