The Worst Dating Lives: The Woes Of Smart, Confident, And Attractive Women

Can we blame smart, confident, and attractive women for having the worse dating lives? New surveys indicate that most women in these classes are unhappy with their dating lives. Why is this so? Should these women suppose to be happy? After all, they have fat paychecks, good houses, and nice cars. But the problem with this situation is not them. It’s the men.

Women in this category seek something of their level. Unfortunately, most men cannot live on the test. Why? It’s the flawed upbringing of millennial men. They grew up in an atmosphere where they are taught to believe that they are entitled. As long as they sport a goatee and eat organic, then they are ‘special.’ There are additional things that add to the unhappiness of women.



The urban dating scene is saturated with men looking the same. They wear the same style of clothes, listen to the same kind of genre and also think that riding brakeless vintage bikes make them cool. These intellectual women are not having any of it. They can see through the facade that these pseudo-intellectual men are just fragile shells holding the little boys inside.



Culture (or religion) plays a big part in the discontent of modern women. Some men still believe that women should not speak up. They still think it is still a man’s responsibility to be the provider. Technology has changed the dynamics, and more women are earning more than men. So the primitive views of most men can cause issues to women.


So Now…

It is not the fault of smart and successful women that they are unhappy with their dating lives. Blame it on the men who are yet to be at par with their standards. These boorish men only want to get the ladies WhatsApp number without giving much thought.


Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.