The Origin Of The Flashlight

A lot of us probably don’t appreciate how light came to be. From ancient times up to the 18th century, we used natural lighting. If we look at old paintings, we can see how people live their lives. The streets were covered in cobblestones. The idea of highways and concrete raids were alien to people in those times. So is the concept of artificial lights.

The Romans and Greeks used natural lighting in the form of candles. Then there were lanterns from animal and vegetable oil. Thus, this continues up to the Medieval and even renaissance period. How dark was the night back then? How deserted and quiet the streets were. It was inconceivable that you can carry artificial lighting with you. This artificial light is now known as a flashlight.

The Scientists

Perhaps two people in history paved the way to the invention of the flashlight. These were Nicholas Tesla and Thomas Edison. Edition invented the light bump. Tesla invented energy storage in what is now known as batteries. Without these two, then there could never be a flashlight. It seems timely that the industrial revolution paved the way for many inventions. These were the start of technological advances.

Conrad Huber

Around the 1890s many advances in storing energy happened. Then, a company called Ever-Ready started making dry cell batteries. Founder Conrad Huber eventually lighted up New York City. Thus, this was through these dry cell batteries that it happened. It was a crude invention, but it paved the way to modern batteries. That’s where the portable flashlights started to be manufactured. So now we have LED lights and rechargeable flashlights with the LED light source. Thanks to the genius of Conrad Huber.


Batteries came into being as a need for portable light. So what is the best survival flashlight? Any flashlight is the best survival flashlight.


Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.