Play Video Games and Earn Money at the Same Time

As a kid, my parents always told me how video games would rot my brain, kill brain cells, and eventually lead to me not succeeding in life. This mindset was sent to me the first time I touched an MMO, and even after that. Hell, video games got me kicked out of my own house!

Luckily, I can say quite proudly, that I have note failed at life, and I have not killed my brain. In fact, all the money and income I have made in my independent life has had some direct tie to my passion for gaming. The guide I am about to show you is by no means a “Get Rich” guide, but if you’re a gamer, and if you’re still living with your parents, a reading of this article can easily give you ideas to start making a few hundred dollars a month!

Games these days rely a lot on these three things:

  1. Leveling Up (Whether it’s a character, a pet, etc)
  2. Digital Currency (Call of Duty points, WoW Gold, Aion kinah, Etc)
  3. Time and Effort (Questing, Camping, Waiting, Looting)

Now our gaming audience is growing. We have jobs, we cant dedicate ourselves to this stuff! So what do we do?… We find a way to get it done without our effort. So we wear our gamer shirt and make the most out of it. The best way to do that is having another player do it for you.

Method 1: Selling Your Extra Game Currency

This is self explanatory. If you have a character who makes a lot of gold, sell your remainders. Play WoW, Aion, or your MMO of choice, but when the fun is over, sell your loot! There are a number of websites that will allow you to sell your gold at the bottom of this tutorial.

Selling your currency can bank you HUNDREDS of dollars a month if done right. I wrote another article that explains how to setup and manage a gold farm. if you have time, I’d recommend checking it out.

Method 2: Selling your Skills

A number of players (Console and MMO alike) just don’t have the skills it takes to reach a high enough skill level to unlock cool things. A good example of this is Call of Duty. Gun skins, new weapons, and ranks are hard for some players.

Find a gaming community that caters to this sort of thing, and offer to level people up. If you make gaming a habit, and game all day, you can make upwards of 10 dollars an hour JUST playing Call of Duty.

In terms of MMO Gaming, there are many games that have drawn out quests, achievements, or weaponry that requires a high skill set. A good example of this is Epic Tier gear in WoW, as well as long quests such as Monkey Madness, or Desert Treasure in RuneScape.

I used to make up to 20 dollars for each time I ran desert treasure for players in RuneScape. you can too, it’s just about finding the right place, and moving the right product!

Method 3: Leveling Up (Power Leveling)

Although this is my least favorite method of them all, it can bank the most money out of any of these methods. players will often pay large sums of money just to have their character leveled for them. This is called powerleveling.

Powerleveling can be charged by the hour, or it can be charged by the level. Often times, players request 2 dollars an hour for powerleveling, but level 10 or 12 accounts at a time! That’s anywhere from 20-24 dollars an hour just for playing a game. The downside to leveling accounts is simply the “Boredom Factor”. Playing the same thing over and over isn’t fun, but then again, you get what you work for.

That being said, those are my top 3 methods I thought I’d share. To get an idea of how much money you can make off this, I have a friend who uses these 3 methods and games for 30 hours a week. His reported income as of this tax season was 41,000 dollars for the year. That’s about what a teacher makes.

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.