Ontario Marijuana Online Purchasing: What You Need To Know

As of October 17 last year, an online cannabis store has opened in Ontario, Canada. This has allowed people to purchase the plant without having to go to actual physical stores. The store is called Ontario Cannabis Store, which gets its supply from a list of 26 producers who are licenced to produce marijuana for personal consumption. If you want to  buy weed online Canada, this is one of the best sites which you can rely on. With that said, what are some things that you do need to know about purchasing from them online?

The Big Players

The names that have already been established in the world of Marijuana are unsurprisingly found on the list. These include Aphrias, CannTrusts, and Canopys. Beleave is also on the list. The purpose behind getting the 26 producers is in order for them to have a steady supply of Marijuana, and of course, the list is also made to give variety, apart from an abundant supply for the consumers.


Products Sold

The products that are sold, especially in its initial weeks are rather limited. Most that can be found are “dry flower” types, which are the buds that are most familiar among users. Oils are also going to be available. Some sellers also will be offering seeds, if you want your marijuana to be home-grown, and if you have the so-called “green thumb”.


Its Effect on the Black Market

It’s going to be better and much safer to buy from an online store that can’t be found on the dark web. This experience in purchasing, therefore, is something that is going to be safer and more secure, and this may also threaten the stability of the black market in the process, specifically the sector dedicated to selling marijuana.

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.