Non – Woven Wallpapers And Their Benefits

Wallpapers prove to be the most beautifying element of a house. From bright colors to dark themes and sensual shades, they range from very cheap to exclusive quality depending on the budget and choice of the house residents.

  • What are non-Woven wallpapers?

Non-Woven Wallpapers are made from the mixture of cellulose pulp, textile fibers, and binders. In order to provide some wet strength to the wallpaper, the mixture is supplemented with special additives.

  • What are the benefits of these wallpapers?

Non-Woven wallpapers are very useful. Let us understand a few advantages of having them on your walls.

  • Washable

These wallpapers are made from synthetic fibers, and thus they are easily washable

  • Breathable

The wallpaper will not have any vapor locks and thus will be prevented from any moisture damages.

  • Tearresistant

These wallpapers are resistant to easy tearing, due to their make.

No size change: The paper never expands on shrinks based on any conditions. Thus, the size always remains same.

  • Seamless

These wallpapers look seamless when installed on the wall. O fault lines appear ever.

  • Easy to remove

These papers are tear resistant, thus they can be easily removed when a replacement is needed. Also, once removed they can be reused for any other wall as well.

  • Easy to repair

If in case the wallpaper tears off from a place, then it can be easily repaired by placing a piece of same wallpaper and matched pattern in order to avoid any questioning looks.

These were the few advantages of non-woven wallpapers. With proper precautions like avoidance o any wet contact for too long, and good care, these wallpapers will definably last longer on your walls. To get it done one can contact to company website

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.