MODDED APK 101- A Brief Overview

Have you heard of MODDED APK? Well, in simple words, these refer to modified APKs or apps. The word “MODDED” stands for “Modified”. On the other hand, “APK” refers to “Android Package Kit”. It’s the APK that you download in your phone when you want to install an Android app. Put simply, these MODDED APKs are actually modified or customized versions of original apps. For example, say there is a game app on the official website of Google Play Store. But some developers feel like changing certain aspects of the app to make it more user-friendly. In that case, they will create a MODDED APK from the original version.

Why go for MOD APKs?

The main reason to create MOD APKs is to unlock the features for free users that the original app provides mostly for premium or paid users. It’s common human psychology to look for free stuff. And it’s the same with apps as well. You will mostly find MOD APKs in the domain of gaming apps. These apps reserve a certain level of upgrades and features just for premium users. MOD APKs unlock these features for free users as well.

However, it’s to note here MOD APKs do not exactly represent a white-hat practice. Thus, it’s be better to use them carefully. Don’t use MOD APKs for all games that you play. You should look for a MOD APK of a game app only when the premium features are incredibly priced and completely unaffordable for you.

MODDED APKs are not exactly available on Google Play Store since the store only houses original apps. But, you will get several websites online that enables you to download MODDED APKs. Just type “MOD APK download” and you will find a huge roster of websites before you with modified Android apps.

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.