List Of Some Of The Famous Cheat Codes In Gaming History

The word cheat code is a type of method by which gamer will get access to some of the advanced level with many special powers that will give you benefit in winning the game in a different way. Most of the cheat codes are alphanumeric codes.

And if you want to enter cheat code in-game then you have to open cheat console for the first, to open this you have to press Ctrl+Shift+C at the time of playing game.

  • Best cheat code available for playing games

Konami Code is well known in cheat codes this code is tapping the following buttons in a given manner that is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and then Start.

  • What type of cheat codes is available with the help of programming?

WhatIsBestInLife – this refers to the Instant Victory.

TookTheRedPill – this disables for of water.

Bunker55AliveInside – this will disable the need for food.

RealMenDrillDeep – it will add 5000 gas to the resources that are available.

TyuHasLeftTheGame – this will allow you to play continually by disabling the victory condition.

  • Why the use of cheat code if decreasing?

You can play any game by using cheat code especially in PC but as most of the people and developer know that cheat code can distract the game play and this is unfair with the player who is playing according to the guideline of the game. To inclined gamer toward playing game developers are continually updating the programming of game that will capture where the cheating is happening in the game and they will ban that player for playing furthermore, also player can report any other player who is using such kind of tricks to win the game.

Hence, no developer wants to see a decrease in the popularity of any game because of any cheat codes.

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