Learning Akali in League of Legends

Akali hails from the island nation of Ionia, an island filled with oriental focused characters in League of Legends. A hybrid character, Akali gains vast usefulness from both ability power and from attack damage. An assassin character, she is best utilized when ganking another champion or taking the fight to an opposing carry and dodging the tank. She is also an energy based character, so while working with her there is no need to take care of a mana pool, just watch the regenerating energy levels. This is the basic description of the character. However, there are several other character in the game as well that are really good as well. As you visit pussy 888 you get details about their abilities as well.



Twin Disciplines, Akali’s passive ability allows for both ability power and attack damage to be used in great synergy. Increasing ability power allows for her basic attacks to add magic damage for on hit bonuses. Likewise, increasing attack damage will produce spell vamp abilities to return health when using her magic based abilities.

Built to target and move into combat against a specific enemy, Mark of the Assassin instills fear into the enemy hit by this ability. Initial magic damage from this ranged ability causes the marked character to change its current game plan, because when hit by a basic attack from Akali, another set of magic damage will hurt the champion. Successful basic attacks will allow Akali to regain lost energy.

Twilight Shroud, an Area of Effect spell that produces a shroud of invisibility while slowing nearby enemies, falls in as Akali’s second ability. This can be removed to frighten enemies from the battle, escape with alternate routes, or take great advantage of any combat Akali is in. Morale wins battles, and the proximity of an assassin can remove an opponent from combat.

Crescent Slash, used for farming and group fights, is a versatile tool in Akali’s arsenal. Her main source of damage rather than her regular attack damage, extra magic damage, and various abilities, Crescent Slash allows for greater damage output for this assassin champion.

Akali’s epitome of a tool kit, Shadow Dance, explosively enters the battlefield in all manner of occasions. While chasing down opponents, escaping a fight gone wrong, or exploiting the bushes around the battleground, Shadow Dance excels at providing burst damage and escape capabilities. If nothing else than illusionary combat enhancer, this ultimate provides great possibilities however used.


In general, flash and Ignite should be used with Akali. These can change however, due to personal gaming preference. Flash, while working with Shadow Dance, can provide a fantastic distance shortener to quickly get Akali out of combat or out of danger. Ignite allows for greater damage output, but can be changed for Exhaust to return to battle with a fleeing enemy.

Akali has only one purpose, to chase down and slay the opposing team. Using offensive masteries will greatly increase Akali’s in game fighting prowess and produce a devastating assassin on the battlefield. Attack damage is Akali’s greatest asset outside of ability power. But while choosing masteries, a little ability power boosters will help in supporting Akali’s passive, Twin Disciplines.

Armor penetration or attack damage runes allow for Akali to make great use if her marks. Ability power runes are a great choice for glyphs while taking armor runes in her seals. This allows for the greatest utilization of runes due to Akali’s passive ability.


Make sure to take advantage of Akali’s passive, build ability power and attack damage. Quick escapes and devastating assaults of fleeing or weak opponents are the essential parts of Akali’s power. But don’t underestimate her power in a heavy combat situation, with her abilities the amount of hits received by an opponent will be greatly reduced through stealth and speed.

Akali is best used as a closer to take out the carries and ability power casters. Stay away from tanks and heavy bruisers who can over take you in a long fight. Keep in mind that with the right skills and expertise will allow for Akali to overtake any opponent given the opportunity and location. She is best used in bushy areas that allow for free movement and quick use of her abilities to damage and quickly overtake an enemy.


Written by Jack
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