Landing In Fortnite Battle Royale Which Place Is Best

Fortnite is an online game which was developed by Epic game, this is the type of shooting game where you have to fight with zombie like creatures and defend yourself. This game is free to play battle ground and start with 100 players where the last one will win the match. Where player will get complete freedom to battle arenas and create the world.

This game gets publicity in less than a year and now the most favorite one of most of the gamer. The supported devices of fortnite game are on windows, IOS, Android, macOS.

What are the modes available in this game?

  • Fortnite
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Fortnite Creative

In the first two modes player can knock down the existing structure on map for collecting basic resources while in last mode player can be encouraged to be creative.

Shop in Fortnite game

This is the online store in the game fortnite where player can purchase objects to use in game if you want to open shopping cart in your game ten just click on the icon named as click here to view the item shop database, after this a page open where you can buy the items of your choice with the exchange of money. This is as simple as doing normal transactions.

How to play Fortinite game?

  1. The things you picked up on Spawn Island you can’t bring that with you
  2. You have to wait as long as possible to drop from the battle bus
  3. Automatically your glider will deploy
  4. Start from drinking small shield potions
  5. The best beginner weapon is SMGs or Assault rifle
  6. Pay attention to the rarity scale.

Hence, you can play this game any time and at any place without any inconvenience.

Written by Jack
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