How Online Dress-up Games help Spark Imagination of Young Girls

Young boys loves to play physical activities while many parents enjoy Agen poker online. But little girls enjoy playing make believe, at times wanting to look just like their Mom. Many mothers have experienced fleeting dismay (not to mention a roll of the eye) at the sight of their dresser, closet and/ or makeup kit in disarray after being raided by their daughter. It’s no different from boys who seek to emulate their Dad, the main difference being that where sons tend to copy their Dad’s actions, girls will seek to look just like Mom. They may even strut around in high heels, trying to imagine what it’s like to be a grown woman.

Of course, dolls have long filled this void once Mom declares her belongings off limits. Barbie, now celebrating her 50th anniversary, revolutionized this industry, giving little girls new and myriad outlets for their dress up fantasies. Countless imitators, such as recent arrival Bratz, have crashed the party, in essence creating throngs of little make-believe fashion designers.


And now, with the ever-growing influence of the Internet, little ladies have a whole new world to play in when it comes to dressing up. There are websites, like and, that will satisfy any girl’s unyielding desire for make believe. Many of these sites offer virtual dolls and figures which a little girl can dress up to their heart’s content. Just as boys will find plenty of adventure and action games online, girls will quickly discover there are a wide assortment of dress-up themed games and contests made just for them.


Parents can rest assured that the sites geared toward their mini Coco Chanels provide a safe, wholesome environment that can stimulate girls’ creativity, without necessarily enforcing gender stereotypes about women. Even boys may find something of interest here. Online dress up games are geared to providing girls with a virtual doll that they design clothing accessories for. Make believe Prada shoes and Gucci bags are only a click away, with options limited only by a little girls’s imagination.

Some sites, like, will allow girls to actually customize their own dolls, spinning stories for them and even imbue the dolls with a personality. They can talk to other kid fashionistas online and swap ideas. Girls can even design their own clothing for their doll, following advice from experts. Your little girl will find endless hours of enjoyment to be had on these sites.


It’s not surprising that Moms even find time to play dress up with their little girls online. It’s a great way for mother and daughter to bond, just like father and son going fishing or to a baseball game. Regardless, online dress up games are a safe alternative for parents seeking a creative outlet for their little girl. Before long, they may be all dressed up with nowhere to go!

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.