Guide For Rose Online Game : The Man In The Red Robe/Strange Man Quest

In the beginning of this quest you will receive a notice from Arua’s Fairy (a bell symbol will show up on the left center corner of your screen). She will instruct you to go to the NPC Sharlin (the tavern owner in the city of Zant). Apparently, Sharlin has seen a group of people in red robes hanging around Zant. Speak to the Zant resident NPC Luth and then travel to the NPC Karitte who is located in the Valley of Luxem Tower. Karitte is located on the hill to the east of the Valley of Luxem Tower/Zant entrance.

According to Karitte, the “men in red robes” were doing something with Pomic monsters. She instructs you to kill at least 10 Pomics to see if you can find any clues. Pomics can be found near the entrance of Breezy Hills (east of Zant on your game map). After killing them you will find a red piece of paper that has some strange language written on it. You must bring it back to the NPC back to Karitte to see if she can translate it.

According to Karrite, it appears that Herune had infected the Pomics in the same way he infected the lost children (another quest). You are instructed to go hunt Pomics to stop the infection and determine which Pomics are infected. Head back to the same area where you originally hunted Pomics. Every once in awhile when you kill a Pomic and an Infected Pomic will emerge. Kill those as well. Although the qty count won’t appear in your Quest window, as soon as you kill 5 Infected Pomics, the quest notes will change to the next instruction. Return to the NPC Karitte who will then tell you that the NPC Myad in Adventurer’s Plains might know more about Herune.

Myad will recommend that you investigate the area around the infected mushrooms to find more clues about Herune. This area is located northwest of Adventurer’s Plains (it is the circular enclosed looking area on your map). Walk around the mushrooms and you will find a strange symbolic necklace that might have belonged to Herune. Return back to the NPC Myad. To be successful in this game, you need to have an alert mind and attention to details. Playing situs poker online terpopuler will train you to be good in this kind of game.

Myad will then tell you that the necklace is a symbol of the Ikaness. He will instruct you to see the NPC Mairard (also in Adventurer’s Plain) who might know more about the Ikaness. Mairard will request you to deliver his letter to the NPC Gorthein who is located in the city of Junon Polis. Travel to the NPC Peron (in charge of the passenger ship, northeast of Adventurer’s Plain) who will guide you to the city of Junon Polis. Make sure you select the option where it says the Mairard sent you so you don’t have to pay the ferry fee. Once you get to Junon Polis deliver the letter to Gorthein who is located on the southwest section of Junon Polis.

Gorthein will the have you deliver a Small Wooden Box to the NPC Mairard back in Adventurer’s Plain. The NPC Itz (located on the east side of the passenger ship in Junon Polis) will take you back to Adventurer’s Plain. Remember to select the option that Gorthein sent you, so Itz can waive the ferry fee.

Once you return to the NPC Mairard in Adventurer’s Plain he will reward you with a Junon Mask (looks like a cool bandit mask).

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