Dragon City Vs Monster Legends

The increase in popularity of browser games has resulted in many games coming out on the same platform. Aside from being really lightweight games it also increases the chance of it being ported to mobile devices. Games such as Dragon City and Monster Legends are an example of games that were ported to mobile devices. Both games have the same theme where you can raise your dragons or monsters to make them powerful.

This brought out debates about whether which game is the best on its genre. A lot of players say that they prefer the old one which is Dragon City than Monster Legends, but this just ignores the actual improvement of Dragon City’s features which is in Monster Legends. Nevertheless, to come into a conclusion we will help you determine which is better by listing out their differences.

Here are the differences between both games;

The variety of monsters to catch

The very obvious difference between both games is Dragon City only have dragons while in Monster Legends you can get a lot of different monsters.

The difficulty of getting legendary monsters or dragons

In Monster Legends, you can obtain legendary monsters through events or by buying it in the shop. It is also noted that legendaries can also be purchased with discounts in-game but it depends on the season and time. Meanwhile in Dragon City, you can only obtain legendary dragons in difficult events and usually, you can buy them in their shop as well. You can also obtain legendary dragons later in the game which is pretty long compared to Monster Legends where you can get the legendary monsters early in the game.

There will be different preferences when choosing which of the two games is the one you will go to and play. So it is better to go and download the hacked versions of the game on websites that host hacked free games and play it so you can pick which is more enjoyable to play

Written by Jack
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