Challenges Of Dating A Highly Intelligent Woman

Dating has evolved into a digital domain where personal information about you can be pulled up at the touch of a button. Thus, this is also one of the things that can work for or against you. Let’s take a look at this scenario. John has started dating Erica a few days ago. She pulled up his Facebook account and also paid attention to his WhatsApp status post. Scrolling to her feed, she noticed he is not into books. She is the complete opposite, posting her book reviews now and then. She also noticed he likes current Pop music and sings along to Justin Beiber. She loves Classic Jazz and Classical music. And this proved to be a challenging situation. I mean, he is good looking, neat and has a lot of cash. But he seems to have problems with intellectual sophistication. She talked to him about it (tactfully) and noticed that in the long run, they are not going to click. He is dumb.


Highly intelligent women are different from ordinary ones. They are not bothered by the usual fixation like finding a rich man, marry, have kids, and retire. They have higher goals like building a career, getting on the top of the management and also become rich and famous through their endeavors. They are less likely to rely on men. They are very particular when it comes to trends, fashion, pop culture. They prefer conversations about ideas rather than other people.


If you have the patience for self-improvement, then you better start reading books, listening to good music and also get updated with what’s happening to the world. If you have passive views, then better keep yourself informed. Intelligent women are turned off by such things.

Heads Up Idea

Intelligent women will get bored with mediocre men. They want to be challenged. So better shape up mentally if you aspire to date one. For more information, look for WhatsApp no of girls.

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.