A Guide to Maximizing Skirmish Marks in Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online is a popular MMO created and maintained by Turbine Studios. With its second expansion, Siege of Mirkwood, Turbine added a new set of instanced encounters known as skirmishes. Skirmishes can be run solo, as various sized groups, or as a raid. Players that run skirmishes receive skirmish marks, various other marks, as well as money. This guide gives some tips to maximize both the marks that you get and how you use them.

Skirmish Tip #1: Run Skirmishes 2-3 Levels Below Your Level

The point to skirmishes besides having fun is trying to get the most skirmish marks per hour. Skirmish marks allow you to upgrade your soldier, upgrade your own performance in skirmishes, buy armor, legendary items, upgrades for legendary items, and even cosmetic items. Skirmishes tend to throw groups of enemies at you at the same time. To maximize your skirmish marks per hour you should set the skirmish level at 2-3 levels below you. The groups of enemies will be much easier to dispatch so you will run through the skirmish faster with less chance of dying and incurring repair costs. Even though you get less skirmish marks per instance, the reduction is only around 10 percent so its worth it.

Skirmish Tip #2: Run skirmishes Solo

The final way to maximize your skirmishes is to run them solo. The difficulty ramps up greatly with even one extra person so your skirmishes per hour are going to slow down. If you want the company then by all means run them duo, group, or even raid. However, if you are going for pure skirmish marks / hour then your best bet is solo.

Skirmish Tip #3: Use Skirmish Marks on Your Soldier, Use Bounties and Silver to Upgrade Your Gear

Lord of the Rings Online has always been a game where gold is hard to come by. Skirmishes have added a nice steady income source through the bounties that drop off of mini bosses and the chest that spawns after the final boss of some skirmishes. Use your skirmish marks to upgrade your soldier and use this steady amount of silver to purchase gear from the auction house. If you use skirmish marks to get skirmish gear you are going to have sub-par gear and a sub-par soldier. If you use your skirmish marks to upgrade your soldier you will go through skirmishes faster and be able to use the money to get better gear.


The skirmish system in Lord of the Rings Online is a fun new way to gear up your characters and even level. If you use the skirmish system effectively you can quickly gear up your character, your soldier, and even get some nice cosmetic items. I hope that this guide has helped you with your skirmishes and that enjoy Lord of the Rings Online. Looking at how this skirmish system is really important, Daftar Koinqq is an essential website that is going to help you in improving your gameplay further.

Written by Jack
Jack Bauer is a freelance writer and an academician. He is a graduate of Communication and Media Arts and he owns a publishing company in New York City.