Travel Adapter: A Must-Have Item During Travel

To keep your gadgets, like phone, laptop or other electronics charge up every time. You always need to bring their respective charger. Of course, when traveling to other countries, they are a possibility that the electrical sockets there are different compared to your charger. To remedy this, you need to have a travel adapter that is compatible with the sockets of the place that you are going to. Anyways, why having an adapter is essential? Why can’t just I buy a compatible charger in my destination?

A Must-Have Item

Why do you need to have this then? Just like what is mentioned earlier, you can only buy one once you are already on the said location, right?

Yep, that can be a viable notion too, but the real reason why you need this is for you to have your adapter already beforehand. Thus, this is just in case that kind of adapter is not available in your destination. Second thing, you can ensure that before your flight, you already have all the things you need and is all packed up. And this will make sure that you have no worries whenever your gadgets ran out of juice.

Choose The One Depending On The Country That You Will Be Going

Yes, you read it right, in choosing a travel adapter, it is essential first to double check what kind of socket that is used on the country of your destination. There are 12 major sockets used around the world, and they are classified using Letters A to L. The most common ones type A and B as well as C, E, and F.


If you wish to travel to Europe, it is best to have a European power adapter at the ready all the time. The standard sockets used in Europe are C, E, and F, while the UK uses Type G. If you have the appropriate adapter, you can ensure that you will never experience any issues with recharging your gadgets.

Written by joh9shie3Oo