Top Esports Influencer Marketing Companies To Go For

Many companies have realized the prospect of the eSports as a budding industry. Several eSports gaming tournament platforms have managed to engage millions of viewers worldwide. As a result, there has been a rise in marketing agencies targeted specifically at the eSports industry. Below is a list of the top 4 specialist gaming and eSports agencies which introduce brands to eSports players and also help to engage in influencer marketing.

  1. Upfluence

Upfluence helps your brand to connect with influencers on Twitch. They provide the Upfluence Search Software for brands to look up the eSports personality they want to work with. Once you decide on your eSports influencer, Upfluence helps you make contact with them. You can even make payments via this agency to the influencer, and even choose to sponsor an eSports team. You also have access to detailed reports on all your campaigns you’ve run via Upfluence.

  1. Ader

The services of Ader are not limited to Twitch only. They understand the brand-influencer chemistry clearly. They provide services to connect gamers with brands , brands with eSports teams thus helping brands to sponsor teams. They also help with merchandise branding, commercials, custom team content among others.

  1. Flood Interactive

This agency works with eSports influencers on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. They connect eSports influencers with brands and manage their relationships. They are an interactive platform and provide coaching as well as technical assets to influencers on designing their social media accounts and public image. Flood Interactive also arranges personal appearances at eSports events to help increase exposure.

  1. Viral Nation

This influencer marketing agency also functions as a talent agency. They extend their services to not only Twitch, but also social networks. With Viral Nation, brands can find influencers pertaining to any category of gaming audience easily.

Written by joh9shie3Oo