Is your little munchkin a die-hard fan of DominoQQ? The virtual gaming world is bustling with some really amazing games for kids. In fact, children are one of the largest group of players of online games. However, not all gaming experiences could be pleasant for your kids and you. Thus, here are the top tips parents should keep in mind if their children are in online gaming.

Monitor games being played

Although the online gaming world is packed great games yet not all are appropriate for kids. As a parent, it’s very important to ensure your kid is only playing age-appropriate games. So, before you little one download or sign up with a game- check out the game theme and game contents. You should also check the App store and PEGI ratings beforehand. Do not let your child download or play any game without informing you.

Check fellow players

Is your child a fan of multi-player games? then, s/he must be playing with players from all over the world. But not players online come with right intention. Thus, you must keep track on any player s/he plays with.

Count on airplane mode

Does your child play games from your mobile? Well, make sure to send the phone on airplane mode so that s/he doesn’t end up making any accidental in-game purchase. The little one would be play his/her favorite game in a safer offline mode even if the phone is in airplane mode.

Set time-limit

One of the biggest concerns for any parents is that online video games are making their kids addictive. To avoid that, you should always set a fixed time-limit for the online game sessions. The purpose is to let the kid have fun without hampering her studies and health.

Your little one would appreciate if you play with him or her as well.