Do you want to play something unique and exciting outdoors? It could be that you want something different from your indoor Domino99 sessions and would love to charter in other waters. Well, how about Bossaball? A comparatively new entrant in the game sector, Bossaball is amazing fun. It’s a powerful mix of sports, music & gymnastics which also assures great health benefits as well. The post below offers a brief on why bossaball would be cool for your health.

Excellent workout

Bossaball is played on inflated court with trampolines at the sides. Players have to constantly jump on trampolines to hit the ball. This practice is called rebounding and its 68 percent more effective than jogging. In fact, a 10-minutes long bounce on trampoline assures more efficient cardiovascular workout compared to half an hour of running! Yes, Bossaball strengthens heart and keeps it in optimum condition which easily rules out cardiac issues.

Helps in weight loss

Repeated trampoline jumps which are common in Bossaball shoot up metabolic rates. Higher metabolic rate helps the body to burn calories faster and you eventually get rid of your unwanted pounds. In fact, the exercise will keep your metabolic rate high for up till 24 hours post the game. It gives your body ample time to burn off massive calories.

Strengthens muscles

When a person bounces and rebounds on trampoline, his body experiences acceleration & deceleration with every jump. It flexes & relaxes all the muscles and consequently tones up his entire muscular system. As a result, you end up with impressively strong and tough muscles.

Minimizes injury risks

You always run injury risks when exercise or play over hard surfaces. But you have no such issues with Bossaball- yet without compromising on the workout quotient. As bossaball is played on the inflated courts, it’s always gentler on your bones, ankles and knees.