Today, there is the existence of a smart and technical society. Here everyone is keeping Android phones with the latest models. New most cost much higher than the old models because it includes new technology and features in it. The mobiles are touch screen mobiles, and it’s is challenging and essential to maintaining the screen of mobile in right working conditions. Nowadays a model is in trend, and it is costly for one s8 plus screen repair because not everyone can afford to fix it. So you have to maintain it properly.

What to do for maintaining the excellent condition of your phone?

  1. Use case

It is the worst thing that happened to one when his phone dropped from his hands, and the screen got damaged. So, use safeguard that protects the screen while falling the phone.

  1. Keep your phone aside

When you think that you are at such place your phone is not safe and gets harm from that place, keep it apart and [protect the phone.

  1. Cleaning

Keep your phone always clean. You have to remove all the dust particles from time to time. That makes the outer body and parts of the telephone graceful and in good condition. Use cotton or cotton cloth for wiping up of the screen very politely.

  1. Updating all apps

Many specialized software and apps are on the phone that makes the phone operate and working. These are essential for performing anything on the phone. So it is just to update all apps on time; otherwise, it causes the damage by inserting virus in the mobile.

  1. Use of antivirus

One must have to use antivirus for making well operating of the phone. The antivirus scans all the phone and find the threats in the device and then starts work on removing all the virus.