Enrolling your child into daycare seems like a simple decision. But after checking it out and computing the tuition fees, it now seems like an expensive decision. How is it that putting your child into daycare is suddenly looking like paying for private schools? Do daycares really cost that much?

As surprising as it may seem, the sad reality is that daycares are beginning to be expensive for many reasons. Below are 3 reasons why the cost is rising every year: 


If you have noticed, most daycares are usually found in someone else’s homes or in the basement of churches. This is because daycare owners try to avoid paying for rent which takes up much of the expenses when putting up a daycare. Free rent is extremely helpful. But people who put their kids in daycare are usually the ones living in busy cities where they can drop off their kids while they’re working. Daycares located in the city are pretty much paying rent in an office building. So when the rent prices increase, so does the child’s tuition.

Not only do they have to pay for rent but daycares also have to pay for utilities such as water and electricity. These are the reasons as to why daycares start to cost so much.


Teaching children is a tiresome job. This is why daycares employ early childhood educators that fit a certain ratio of students they teach. For example, some countries require daycare centers to have one teacher for every three kids. The law varies for different countries. But with this, you can get an idea as to how many teachers are needed in a center filled with 40 kids. Calculate that with their payroll, holiday pay and other incentives and you can imagine how much that would be reflected in your child’s tuition fees. 

Teaching Materials

There’s also the materials needed by teachers to teach kids. These materials may be used for two to three years but it also needs some upgrade from time to time.

These are the reasons and factors as to why daycare centers cost so much these days. But somehow, with the help of daycare software that does the monitoring for some teachers, it can help ease up on tuition fees. In fact, there are many daycare software Australia teachers that use these programs to communicate better with parents. Be sure to check them out before enrolling your kid in a daycare and see if they cut up on your expenses.